I have the full list of poems I am hoping to memorize within a year. I am also probably going to study herbology just because it is fascinating and I might as well have an audience while I start telling my crazy stories. 😉

The Poem List

  • No Man an Island by: John Donne
  • The Darkling Thrush by: Thomas Hardy
  • The River by: Frederick George Scott
  • Remember by: Christina Rossetti
  • “Hope” is the thing with feathers by: Emily Dickinson
  • Each Day a Life by: Robert Service
  • The Highwayman by: Alfred Noyes
  • Do not go gentle into that good night by: Dylan Thomas
  • She Walks in Beauty by: Lord Byron
  • Rime of the Ancient Mariner by: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Also! On Monday I start a new contract job. Most of the poems I write then will be during my commute on the bus.

Hope you all are doing well, see you around!

– Ocean Bard ❤



Hello! Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit. I was dealing with a lot of stress and let myself get distracted, however on Monday I got to go to the coast with a friend it was amazing.

Warning: Included are photos of a beached Minke whale calf.

Jetty View

I love climbing the jetty and took this photo while resting my legs.

More Jetty

Another photo from the jetty, I absolutely loved it.

Whale Size

Average sizes man standing next to the whale for scale.

First Site of Minke

This is the first view I got of the whale, its baleen filters looked like an old brush up close.

Close View

This is the close view of the whale. Allowed me to get enough info to figure out what type of whale with some research.

Last Jetty View

And with this photo I end the collection. The beach is so healing for me.

My head is cleared and I’m back in the game. I hope all of you remember to recharge once in awhile.

See you around,
Ocean Bard ❤

Memorization and Organization

Hello! Hope you all are well. 🙂

I have chosen the first two poems I am going to memorize:

  • The Highwayman by: Alfred Noyes
  • Do not go gentle into that good night by: Dylan Thomas

I have also begun to keep a binder with the poems I’m memorizing, the poems I have written, and the notes for planning my poem story.

Organization for the win. ^_^

Keep creating and don’t stop. 🙂

-Ocean Bard ❤

Hi again!

Hello, sorry I was gone for a few days. I wasn’t doing well and didn’t have much to report yet.

Ok, so I have been writing a lot of poetry, still don’t fully get how to make meter work for me but I’ll get there.

I’m planning a poem that covers a full Hero’s Journey I may posts with samples here and there so keep your eyes peeled. 😉


…to you as you battle,

…to you as you confront the past,

…to you to heal,

…to you to persevere.


-Ocean Bard ❤

Could Use Some Help


I am finding myself unsure of which poems to memorize. I don’t count mine towards the ten I’m memorizing but I’m not sure which poems I should do.

Any suggestions? Favorites?

Look forward to hearing from you,
Ocean Bard ❤

Current Status


Currently I have been writing poetry, trying to figure out meter and have had fun telling the story of King Geirröth.

I’ve been posting some of the poetry on my Mirakee account here:

Tell Me a Tale

Tell me a tale of years gone by,

I do not care if it makes me cry.

Tell me a tale of battles fought,

when all seemed to be for naught.

Tell me a tale of perseverance,

where none could stop their interferance.

Tell me a tale of dreams renewed,

so that in a new light life may be viewed.

Tell me a tale of years gone by,

I do not care if it makes me cry.


I may also, once I reach 25-50 poems, self publish them through Amazon but we’ll see how I feel about these poems then.

Everyone getting a chance to be creative? Keep up that creative spirit, its more precious than some realize.

– Ocean Bard ❤


Currently still learning how to work with poetry. Syllables easy, great can do all day. Rhyme? Decently easy.

Stress? Not wrapping my head how to work with yet. I get the concept but can’t seem to put it into practice.

In other news I’m also starting to put together pages for a book so that I can write things down or draw things and then put them into a bound book.

In the mean time, be safe and hope you all have a great day.

-Ocean Bard ❤

Another Day


Ok, so currently I am working on memorizing all these poetic terms so I can learn how they work. That may take awhile.

I also got the chance last night to sit around a campfire and tell stories, including the one I’m working on mastering, the tale of King Geiröth. 😀

Woods, campfire, drink, good company, and stories all around, a great time. ^_^

Below is the picture of the flashcards I’m using. The back side will be written by hand but I wanted the front to look really pretty.

Pretty cards for memorizing poetry terms.

For now it is back to study and thinking. I hope you all have a good day. May you have lots of good stories to tell.

See you around,

-Ocean Bard ❤

Just the Beginning

Hello! Glad to say I’ve started making progress on my journey, not much but as they say, “One step at a time.”

  • I have acquired a book to introduce me to the nitty gritty of poetry. It’s called The Poet’s Cookbook by: Dan Gilbert. So far it seems pretty good and is covering some basics I really needed to know.
  • I have made a meditation altar! Natural water sources are the places I can relax and let go of tension the best so I wanted my altar to reflect that connection. I made it portable so I could take it with me for cases where I could go to a river, lake, etc to meditate. (See photos below)
  • The first story I plan to memorize so I can get good at telling it is from the Elder Edda of Norse mythology. The story of Odin and King Geirröth. It ties in rather well to some of the current things going on in the world right now, so I figured it would be fitting.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the unfolding of this journey and I hope to keep up enthusiasm for this. ^_^ We never know where our journeys will take us, and that’s part of the fun!

See you around,
Ocean Bard ❤

My Journey Begins


This blog is where I’ll be writing about my journey to essentially become a bard in the modern age. Stories have always meant a lot to me and I look forward to sharing this journey to strengthen my ability to tell stories.

My goals for this first year are as follows:

-Memorize 20 tales to where I can tell them to a live audience.

-Study at least one book that gives an overview of poetry.

-Memorize 10 poems.

-Write a tale to be told to a live audience. (Bonus if I do it in poetic form.)

If anyone wants to do this with me just comment and we can share this journey. ^_^ This blog is mainly for me to document this journey.

-Ocean Bard ❤